Despite being of a Muslim religion, HMG Basha donated 1.5 gunta to a Hanuman temple which is worth around 1 crore.

Source : Twitter

Let me tell you that 1 gunta means 1,089 sq. ft. HMG Basha is a resident of Hosakote  tehsil of Bangaluru Rural district and  he is a local business person in the cargo transport sector.

Source : Twitter

Basha has given a great example of brotherhood of Hindus and Muslims by donating land.

HMG BashaSource : Twitter

According to the report, devotees had to face some difficulties due to a lack of space while offering prayers. Then the president of the temple trust (MD Byregowda) asked for 1 gunta land from the Basha.

He was confident that the Basha would definitely help them because he has been a regular during all temple festivities. And at the end, Basha donates 1.5 gunta instead of 1 gunta to the temple. Basha said during an interview with ANI that my whole family agreed for this work and I hope it will help society.