Rakhi Sawant, who belongs to a very common family. It is now recognized all over India because of her witty and bold nature. He struggled a lot in his life and has reached this stage today.


Rakhi’s entry in Bigg Boss 14’s house is getting quite entertaining. Rakhi with her witty style not only makes the audience laugh but also Salman Khan.


Talking about Rakhi’s struggle, Indiatimes reported that Rakhi’s mother was a janitor in a hospital and her father was a police constable. The family also faced difficulties in obtaining a day’s meals.

According to a report, Rakhi started working only from the age of ten. Rakhi served food at the wedding of Tina Munim and Anil Ambani at the age of ten years. Rakhi used to be fascinated by the film industry and Rakhi was also very interested in going to the industry, but her housemates never liked this mourning of Rakhi. For this reason, Rakhi was beaten many times by her housemates.

Rakhi never gave up and today Rakhi knows the whole country. Rakhi’s real name is Neeru Bheda but before joining the industry Rakhi changed her name.