On Monday in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a man named Ajay was brutally beaten to death by two people. In one video, two men are beating a boy with sticks and in that video, the boy is soaked in blood and does not move at all. To prevent this atrocity on the road, no one came forward and people kept coming and just kept watching the spectacle and an innocent lost his life.


The victim’s brother says that despite writing the report at the police station, the police did not take any action on time and both the accused managed to escape from the spot.


Actually, it was just a small fight. A few days ago there was a debate between Ajay’s brother Sanjay and the main accused Govind about setting up a flower shop. Sanjay had also lodged a report against both the accused but the police released them only after making a compromise. The main accused Govind and Amit are also seen in the video.

Now both the accused have been arrested and the investigation of the case is going on.