Motera Stadium, now renamed “Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium” is the world’s largest stadium. It is located in Motera, Ahmedabad. It was inaugurated by the President of India after renovating it.

Narendra Modi Stadium

Let us know what its special features are.

  1. It is spread across 63 acres.
  2. 130,000 spectators can enjoy the match in one turn.
  3. It can host any international event like the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, or Olympics.
  4. It has a parking capacity of 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.
  5.  It has an indoor area that can seat 12000 persons.
  6. It houses 3,000 apartments, administrative offices, hotels, food court.
  7.  Additionally, it also has spacious space for other sports like football, aquatics, basketball,   tennis, hockey, and badminton. 
  8. It has facilities for indoor and outdoor games, a gym, a restaurant, and a 3D projector theater.
  9. It has fully air-conditioned 76 corporate boxes with a seating capacity of 25 each.