Sarojini market must have been living in Delhi one day and they must also know that Sarojini is not a part of this world. Going here is an experience in itself that you will not be able to forget throughout your life. Extremely cheap and defaced branded clothes, crowds and especially the “Shop Vale Bhaiyas”, they do not look like from this world at all. And as Akash told in his video that they have a different kind of convincing power. By using that power, they make you buy their goods.

Stand-Up Comedy-by-Aakash-Gupta

Akash released his new video Sarojini Nagar | Excuse Me Brother,In this video,he has told about all those different kinds of Shop Vale Bhaiyas. And how they captivate you with their sweet voice sometimes you even fall into their trap.


 This video will surely remind you about your experience of going sarojani nagar market. Here is the video…

Video links is here :