Previously Corona virus caused a lot of devastation across the world and many people have lost their lives by this deadly virus. Now it is also being speculated that this deadly virus can spread rapidly in winter. Although this is not confirmed but many scientists believe that this is true.

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Earlier it was also believed that the effect of this virus would be slightly less in the summer, but this fact proved to be false later and the number of patients increased rapidly in the summer. Corona virus can also be called all season virus. Although it is believed that this virus has crossed its peak in India, still no positive results are coming. The number of Covid positive patients is increasing day by day.covid-19-ppe-coronavirusSource :

According to a research it has been assumed that in the winter, this virus may survive longer during the winters. The infectious disease expert ‘ Klaus Stroh’ said that this virus will not be different from other respiratory diseases, it will return in winter. We can also take an example of the situation in the United Kingdom, where the number of infections has increased with the onset of winter.

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Recently it has been predicted that the number of people being infected with corona virus and the number of death can be at their peak in jan/feb 2021 and in Delhi the positive covid-19 cases during winter can be 15,000 per day.