The Lancet published a report, according to that report more than 1.67 million people died including 116,000 babies last year in India.


What do you think is the reason behind this huge number of deaths?    AIR POLLUTION

Image : TOI

Nowadays breathing in clean air has become a dream for many people. According to PM2.5 ranking 2019, India got 5th rank in most polluted countries and Ghaziabad comes at 1st number in most polluted cities in the world. Air pollution is the cause of about 20% of neonatal deaths in India. And the biggest reason for these deaths is outdoor and household air pollution caused by vehicles, the burning of fuels like wood, animal dung, and charcoal. Globally, 476,000 infants died due to air pollution in 2019.

Image: Statista

The report also shows that more than 1.67 million deaths have occurred due to diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer, chronic lung diseases, and neonatal diseases caused by living in such a polluted environment in India in 2019. These huge numbers of death prove that air pollution is the biggest health hazard in the world.