It’s weird but after reading this you will also see something very offensive in Myntra’s logo.

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Myntra is one of the biggest online shopping platform, in which case any complaint against Myntra is filed, could be a big loss for the company.


In December, a woman named Naaz Patel lodged a complaint against Myntra’s logo in Mumbai’s cybercrime. Naz Patel is the founder of an NGO, alleging in the complaint that Myntra’s logo is “insulting and offensive” towards women. It depicts a naked woman.

After the complaint was filed, Mumbai Police informed the company about the complaint by email and then Myntra wrote in response that they will change their logo within a month. After which Myntra has now changed its logo and started showing the old logo again.

As soon as this news comes in front of the media, many types of memes on social media are becoming violently viral. Someone is saying that we did not see anything offensive in people, and someone is saying that this complaint has changed everyone’s perspective. It is fun to read those memes on social media.

Banks Will Be Closed For 14 Days In January! Full List Of Bank Holidays In January

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Under the Negotiable Instruments Act, it has been informed by the RBI that banks will be closed for 14 days in January 2019. These 14 days include four Sundays and a national holiday along with the second and fourth Saturdays. This holiday may vary from state to state.


After knowing about these holidays, you can ensure the right time to do the work related to the bank so that you can avoid last-minute troubles. According to RBI, banks in India will remain closed for more than 40 days. Come, let us know about the bank holidays coming in Jan 2021.


National Holidays

01 January 2021- New Year’s Day

03 January 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

09 January 2021- Second Saturday

10 January 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

17 January 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

23 January 2021- Fourth Saturday

24 January 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

26 January 2021- Republic Day

31 January 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)


Regional Holidays

02 January 2021- New Year’s celebration

14 January 2021- Makar Sankranti/Pongal/Maghe Sankranti

15 January 2021- Thiruvalluvar Day/Magh Bihu and Tusu Puja

16 January 2021- Uzhavar Thirunal

23 January 2021- Birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

25 January 2021- Imoinu Iratpa

26 January 2021- Gaan-Ngai