The way Aakash Gupta described Delhi’s “Sarojani Nagar Market” by his stand-up comedy will make you giggle from laughing.

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Sarojini market must have been living in Delhi one day and they must also know that Sarojini is not a part of this world. Going here is an experience in itself that you will not be able to forget throughout your life. Extremely cheap and defaced branded clothes, crowds and especially the “Shop Vale Bhaiyas”, they do not look like from this world at all. And as Akash told in his video that they have a different kind of convincing power. By using that power, they make you buy their goods.

Stand-Up Comedy-by-Aakash-Gupta

Akash released his new video Sarojini Nagar | Excuse Me Brother,In this video,he has told about all those different kinds of Shop Vale Bhaiyas. And how they captivate you with their sweet voice sometimes you even fall into their trap.


 This video will surely remind you about your experience of going sarojani nagar market. Here is the video…

Video links is here :


Know how much your favorite TV anchors and actors charge for a day !!

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You know these well-known faces, but how much do they charge for a day or a show? If you want to know, then read this full article.

1.Kapil Sharma

"kapil Sharma"
A report follows that Kapil Sharma charges over 50 lakhs for his own show (The Kapil Sharma Show). Gossiping with big celebs and at the same time he charge so much fee. Wow! what a life.

2. Sunil Grover

"sunil grover"
Sunil Grover came to LimeLight when he started playing Gutthi in Kapil Sharma’s show. And Sunil Grover charges 10 lakh to 12 lakh for one of his shows.

3. Hina Khan

"Hina Khan"

Hina used to charge up to 80 K for her shows earlier but after coming to Bigg Boss Hina’s popularity increased so much that now she charges up to 2 lakhs for a show

4. Mishal Raheja

"Mishal Raheja"

The character of Mishal Raheja, known as an ideal son-in-law to all Mummies. Mishal Raheja gained a lot of fame from his shows (Kumkum Bhagya and Lagi Tujhse Lagan). Now he charges up to ₹ 1.5 to 1.6 for an episode.

5. Ronit Roy

"Ronit Roy"

Ronit is known for his fitness and looks as well as his show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke for his character is also liked by the audience. Reportedly Ronit charges ₹ 1.25 lakh per day.

6. Ram Kapoor

"Ram Kapoor"

Sometime back Ram Kapoor was very much liked for his show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. According to the audience, the show was quite romantic. And after spreading his charm in the TV and film world, now Ram is also seen in quite a lot of web series and people are enjoying his work too. Reportedly he charges around ₹1.25 lakh per day.

7. Karan Patel

"karan patel"
Karan’s character got a lot of acclaim in both shows first Kasautii Zindagii Kay and then Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. According to sources, he charges up to ₹ 1.25 lakh a day.

8. Divyanka Tripathi

"Divyanka Tripathi"

Most favorite daughter-in-law of TV shows. Divyanka also gained a lot of fame from the show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”. According to the report, she charges between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh of an episode.

9. Mohit Rain

"Mohit Rain"

Yes, that smart and dashing fellow. People came to know Mohit because of his show Devon Ke Dev … Mahadev. Now he has appeared on a web series “Serial Killer”, which is available on Netflix. According to rumors, he charges up to ₹ 1 lakh a day.

10 . Sakshi Tanwar

"Sakshi Tanwar"

Sakshi Tanwar, the lead actress of India’s most liked show “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii”, reportedly charges up to ₹ 1.25 lakh for her one episode.

Your Time is up @Twitter, Kangana Ranaut announced that soon she will be shifting from TWITTER to KOO APP

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As everyone knows Kangana Ranaut is a very confident and fearless type of woman. Every day, we get to hear news about her on the news channels. Twitter has tried to stop her many times and they also delete her tweets but she never gave up. Moreover, Twitter had also permanently deleted Kangana’s sister’s account.

Earlier, when Rohit Sharma tweeted in the interest of farmers, Kangana also gave a very harsh reply to Rohit. However, Kangana’s that tweet was deleted by Twitter and her account was temporarily removed for few days.

And now Kangana has challenged Twitter in front of everyone and also said that Twitter’s time is over and soon she will be shifting to another app (KOO APP). She said she will inform everyone about her account details of “Koo App”.


Here are the tweets by Kangana Ranaut #kooapp…


In a follow-up tweet, Kangana Ranaut then threatened Twitter by saying that it’s ‘time was up.’ In the same tweet, she announced that she will be shifting to the Koo app, and would give everyone the details of her account there.

Movie Masala: Today the “Master” is released, “Master” team is worried because some clips of the film were leaked

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“Master”, a new offering from Tamil Industries, is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. And after a long wait of nine months to be released at the box office. Master will play Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi in the movie.


Master has been released today (January 13) in the boxoffice. The movie has also been released in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, though the Hindi version will be released on January 14. Master is the first Big Ticket film of the Corona period. And according to trend analyst Taran Adarsh, the film is going to make its mark in the box office, Indian and international markets.

Taran Adarsh ​​said this in a tweet about the movie

Some clips of the film were leaked on social media before the film’s release. The master team also lodged a formal complaint with the Cyber Crime about the leak of the clips and Lokesh Kanagaraj also requested the viewers not to share the leaked clip.

Here’s the tweet

YEY! IT’S A BABY GIRL…Little “LAXMI” came to Virat and Anushka’s house.

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2020 has proved to be very bad for the whole world, we hope that 2021 is as beautiful and full of happiness.

We are getting a lot of good news as soon as we are stepping in 2021. On the afternoon of January 11, a baby girl has been entered in the life of a famous celebrity couple. Yes, we are talking about Virat and Anushka.


Virat has shared this through a post on social media that both mother and child are absolutely healthy and we have been blessed with a baby girl!


Virat wrote that “We are thrilled to share with you that we have been blessed with a baby girl this afternoon. We thank you all for your love, prayers, and good wishes. Anushka and the baby are both healthy and we are feeling beyond blessed to start this new chapter of our lives. We hope that you can respect our privacy at this time. Love, Virat ”

On hearing this news, there was a flood of messages of greetings from people.

Stardom: Know what Anushka sharma was upset about, Which forced him to share this message on Instagram…

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STARDOM is something that makes you happy but does not allow you to live peacefully. The world of stars is as beautiful as it looks from outside, the worse it is from inside. The privacy word for them is completely unknown.



As you know that Anushka Sharma and Virat are going to be parent in a few days. And they are very excited about it. Despite calling some photographers and publications special, they has not stopped interfering in their privacy. That’s why Anushka shared the photo taken by the photographer in Insta and wrote:


“Despite requesting the said photographer and the publication, they still continue to invade our privacy. Guys! Stop this right now!”

Thinking about how frustrating and tiring it would be to handle all this.


Are you ready to see the darkness of the politics. Here’s the mind blowing trailer of “Tandav”

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As shown in the trailer of Tandava, this series will show you the filth inside politics and the darkness hidden in the light of politics. Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia will make this series even more intense, with utter personality, powerful acting, and lead roles. Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of the son of a very powerful political family.


This series will not only see dirty politics but also the struggle to gain power between a mother, son, and others.


The story is written by Gaurav Solanki and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and the show will air on Amazon Prime from January 15 onward.


In the Tandav, you will get to see the performances of the best artists such as Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub, Kritika Kamra, Gauahar Khan, Sarah Jane Dias, Dino Morea, Anuup Sonii, Kumud Mishra, and Sandhya Mridul.

BIG BOSS 14: Know how much your favorite contestants earn every week

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Entertainment, laughter, above madness – The show “BIG BOSS”

Season 14 of Bigg Boss is going very interesting. This time again a lot of intersting characters have entered the house of Bigg Boss 14. The audience is quite entertained by seeing the people who have come to the show, but do you know how much the contestants charge for that entertainment.

Come, know how some selected contestants who come to Bigg Boss’s house get paid every week.

1. Jaan Kumar Sanu


Jaan Kumar Sanu is the son of The Great Bollywood Singer” Kumar Sanu”. As Jaan has been evicted from Bigg Boss house, according to the report, he used to earn up to 80K every week.

2. Shehzad Deol

Shehzad Deol 

Shehzad Deol, who started his TV career from the reality show “Ace Of Space”, used to earn 50K from the Bigg Boss show every week.

3. Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya earns up to 1 lakh every week and still remain on the show.

4. Nikki Tamboli


However, Nikki has also been evicted from Bigg Boss house, but Nikki used to earn 1.2 lakh rupees every week from Bigg Boss. Nikki is 23 old and she is a very famous heroine of the Tamil and Telugu industry.

5. Pavitra Punia


TV actress Pavitra Punia used to earn up to 1.5 lakhs every week in Bigg Boss house.

6.Abhinav Shukla


Abhinav Shukla, along with his wife Rubina, entered Bigg Boss house and both remain in the show. And Abhinav earns 1.5 lakhs every week.

7. Rubina Dilaik


Rubina Dilaik, the most liked BAHU of TV Shows, is the highest-paid contestant of the Bigg Boss house and earn Rs 5 lakhs per week.

8. Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin

Recently, due to some medical issues, she has to leave the house of Bigg Boss, she can come back to the show as soon as she can, Jasmine Bhasin earns 3 lakhs every week from the Bigg Boss show.

9. Sara Gurpal


You must have seen Sara in many Punjabi music videos; Sara is also a model. Sara earns 2 lakhs every week from Bigg Boss 14 show

10. Nishant Singh Malkani


Nishant is a TV actor but has recently voted out from Bigg Boss house. Nishant used to earn up to 2 lakhs every week.

11. Eijaz Khan


During the show “BIG BOSS 14” , he earns 1.8 lakh per week.

Do you know these things about the days of Rakhi Sawant’s Struggle?

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Rakhi Sawant, who belongs to a very common family. It is now recognized all over India because of her witty and bold nature. He struggled a lot in his life and has reached this stage today.


Rakhi’s entry in Bigg Boss 14’s house is getting quite entertaining. Rakhi with her witty style not only makes the audience laugh but also Salman Khan.


Talking about Rakhi’s struggle, Indiatimes reported that Rakhi’s mother was a janitor in a hospital and her father was a police constable. The family also faced difficulties in obtaining a day’s meals.

According to a report, Rakhi started working only from the age of ten. Rakhi served food at the wedding of Tina Munim and Anil Ambani at the age of ten years. Rakhi used to be fascinated by the film industry and Rakhi was also very interested in going to the industry, but her housemates never liked this mourning of Rakhi. For this reason, Rakhi was beaten many times by her housemates.

Rakhi never gave up and today Rakhi knows the whole country. Rakhi’s real name is Neeru Bheda but before joining the industry Rakhi changed her name.

Rakesh Sawant’s husband Ritesh talks about the fake marriage of Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal

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Rakhi Sawant The Controversy and The Drama Queen. Again Rakhi has caused panic in the recent season of Bigg Boss. Rakhi does everything due to which she remains in the headlines. A year ago Rakhi came into the limelight when Rakhi announced her marriage with a NRI.


Rakhi revealed her husband’s name Ritesh in interviews and also shared some pictures of her wedding. After marriage, during some interviews, his full details were also revealed. However, Ritesh’s face is yet to be revealed to the media.


During this season of  Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi’s husband has spoken about appearing in Bigg Boss. It is believed that Rakhi’s husband may enter Bigg Boss. According to another report, it was also revealed that Deepak Kalal requested to spread fake news because Deepak had a kidney infection and wanted to be famous before he died.


Meaning the news of Deepak and Rakhi’s marriage was just a publicity stunt. Ritesh told that Rakhi did all that at the behest of Deepak Kalal.