Video of female traffic policeman taking bribe goes viral.. Here is the video..

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Although taking bribe is a crime, yet there are many people in our country who promote this crime. Recently one such video has gone viral. In which a woman traffic constable is seen taking bribes.

CorruptionSource : Twitter

In this video, the two girls break traffic rules, after which they are stopped by the traffic police. Then a few seconds the woman constable and the girl whisper among themselves, then the girl puts a note in the constable’s pocket.

Here’s the full video..

The incident took place in Pimpri-Chinchwad area of Pune. After this video went viral, people are trolling this lady constable on social media.

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A great example of humanity, a Muslim man who made a land donation worth 1 crore for Hanuman temple.

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Despite being of a Muslim religion, HMG Basha donated 1.5 gunta to a Hanuman temple which is worth around 1 crore.

Source : Twitter

Let me tell you that 1 gunta means 1,089 sq. ft. HMG Basha is a resident of Hosakote  tehsil of Bangaluru Rural district and  he is a local business person in the cargo transport sector.

Source : Twitter

Basha has given a great example of brotherhood of Hindus and Muslims by donating land.

HMG BashaSource : Twitter

According to the report, devotees had to face some difficulties due to a lack of space while offering prayers. Then the president of the temple trust (MD Byregowda) asked for 1 gunta land from the Basha.

He was confident that the Basha would definitely help them because he has been a regular during all temple festivities. And at the end, Basha donates 1.5 gunta instead of 1 gunta to the temple. Basha said during an interview with ANI that my whole family agreed for this work and I hope it will help society.

Kanta Prashad, who runs ‘ Baba Ka Dhaba’ files case against You Tuber Gaurav

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Recently the most viral video ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ makes the elderly couple very famous. As soon as the video of the struggle of those old couple went viral, the gathering of people had started on ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’, after watching that video dozens of people came to help 80 year old Kanta Prasad (the owner of baba ka dhaba). Everybody helped them in their own way, some gave masks, some gave money and some gave ration.

According to reports, baba has filed a case on Gaurav for allegedly misappropriating money that was intended to help the struggling couple. Gaurav is being accused that the money he had collected for Baba’s help from the people in the name of donation, he did not give it to Baba although gaurav refuses all the allegations and said that he had deposit all the money in  baba’s account.

Many you tubers alleged that Gaurav had collected donation from 20 to 25 lakh and while Baba says that Gaurav gave him a cheque of 2 lakh rupees only.

During the conversation with the Indian Express, he also said that in the beginning his income had reached 10000 per day, but now he earns 3 to 4 thousand per day. Lots of people come, but more than half of the people just click selfies and go away.

However the investigation of this case is going on and the police have not reached any conclusion.

Not everything is fair in LOVE and WAR. Nikita tomar, a 21 year old girl was shot dead by a psycho lover.

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On 26 October, Nikita Tomar, B.Com final year student living in Apna Ghar Society on Sohna Road,Haryana was shot dead by a young man named Tausif with the help of his friend Rehan. when she reached Agrawal College in Ballabhgarh, the murder accused Taseef and Rehan had earlier tried to force the nikita into the car. During this time, her friend also opposed the killers and tried to protect her. Meanwhile, Tausif shot Nikita with the gun and ran away.

According to the report, Nikita was threatened to marry Tausif. Tausif also told the police after his arrest that he was very angry with Nikita as Nikita has stopped responding to his messages and calls.

Ramdev Baba said about the love jihad and Nikita murder case. He said that killers should be hanged publicly.

What has happened to the youngsters of today? Now, killing someone has become a game for them. This is not the first time, we read daily about such incidents in news channels and newspapers. The government should show swiftness in this matter and the accused should be punished as soon as possible.

Air pollution is the biggest health hazard in the world and more than 116,000 new born babies dies every year in India.

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The Lancet published a report, according to that report more than 1.67 million people died including 116,000 babies last year in India.


What do you think is the reason behind this huge number of deaths?    AIR POLLUTION

Image : TOI

Nowadays breathing in clean air has become a dream for many people. According to PM2.5 ranking 2019, India got 5th rank in most polluted countries and Ghaziabad comes at 1st number in most polluted cities in the world. Air pollution is the cause of about 20% of neonatal deaths in India. And the biggest reason for these deaths is outdoor and household air pollution caused by vehicles, the burning of fuels like wood, animal dung, and charcoal. Globally, 476,000 infants died due to air pollution in 2019.

Image: Statista

The report also shows that more than 1.67 million deaths have occurred due to diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer, chronic lung diseases, and neonatal diseases caused by living in such a polluted environment in India in 2019. These huge numbers of death prove that air pollution is the biggest health hazard in the world.