The way Aakash Gupta described Delhi’s “Sarojani Nagar Market” by his stand-up comedy will make you giggle from laughing.

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Sarojini market must have been living in Delhi one day and they must also know that Sarojini is not a part of this world. Going here is an experience in itself that you will not be able to forget throughout your life. Extremely cheap and defaced branded clothes, crowds and especially the “Shop Vale Bhaiyas”, they do not look like from this world at all. And as Akash told in his video that they have a different kind of convincing power. By using that power, they make you buy their goods.

Stand-Up Comedy-by-Aakash-Gupta

Akash released his new video Sarojini Nagar | Excuse Me Brother,In this video,he has told about all those different kinds of Shop Vale Bhaiyas. And how they captivate you with their sweet voice sometimes you even fall into their trap.


 This video will surely remind you about your experience of going sarojani nagar market. Here is the video…

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Planning a trip in Covid?… these 10 things you must keep in your mind first.

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In the early days, people were very much affected by this deadly virus (Covid-19). But now that the situation has improved a bit and people have started going out. In such a situation, it is our responsibility to follow the guidelines and safety measurements of Covid.

  1.   Before choosing any Hotel, you must know whether or not they are following Covid Guidelines. Must read the reviews, it can get a lot of help.
  2.   If you are going outside the borders of the state or territory, then before leaving home, you must know what things may be needed.
  3.   Always carry masks, hand sanitizers, and disposable gloves with you.
  4.   If you are traveling on public transport, you have to be more careful and if you have your own vehicle then it is the best option for safe travel.
  5.   Don’t believe on the internet, download your maps for the area you are planning to travel to so that you won’t face any difficulty.
  6.   Check the weather forecast of the area.
  7.   Avoid eating out as much as you can.
  8.   Be careful about hygiene while using the public restroom. Wash your at least for 20 seconds after using the restroom.
  9.   Opt digital transactions instead of cash.
  10.     Maintain social distancing and always keep at least 2 meter distance in a public area.

FlaxSeed: You need to know about all these benefits of the “superfood” FlaxSeed.

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FlaxSeed: You need to know about all these benefits of the “superfood” FlaxSeed.

Flax seeds have been known for their numerous benefits over many centuries. It has been found in many scientific research that eating it in appropriate amounts can reduce the risk of diseases like cancer.

This superfood is a plant based food that provides numerous health benefits as it contains antioxidant, fiber, healthy fat, etc.  These are grown in two varieties, brown and golden flax seed. 



As mentioned above  flax seed is a magical seed. It contains some nutrients which may reduce the risk of cancer, arthritis, constipation, diabetes, and many more health problems. Some research is still going on to find out the unusual benefits of it. Today’s youngsters are crazy over this super food to get the nutrients of it.

Flax seed can reduce the risk of cancer

Many research found that flaxseed contains Omega-3 fatty acid, which may help to reduce the growth of different kinds of cancerous cells in the body.

After 50, women face menopause and the risk of breast cancer increases, so by adding these seeds to their daily diet can also reduce the risk of breast cancer and women can live their life freely.

In men, many studies showed that eating 30 g flax seeds in a day may as well reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

May improve the heart health

Nowadays, heart related problems are also seen especially in the senior age group people as their cholesterol levels are greatly increased, causing significant harm to the heart. Increased cholesterol levels can also lead to heart blockage, which may also lead at worst to a heart surgery. But we have good news….

Flaxseeds also contain phytosterols that prevent bad cholesterol from being absorbed into the intestine.

Flax seed is rich in omega-3s, Lignans, and fiber. Many researchers recommend eating these seeds to increase heart health, to prevent cardiovascular disease, and to help reduce levels of (LDL) Low-Density Lipoprotein.


May help to lose weight

Weight losing is a universal problem. Let us tell you, if followed with a balanced diet, eating a tablespoon of flaxseed in a day may help to lose weight. As it is a rich source of fiber, it makes you feel full for longer and reduces the craving to eat.  




For Skin

Various studies have looked on the impact that flaxseed oil can have on your skin when added to your diet. The participants experienced an increased smoothness and hydration of their skin, while irritation decreased. However, no studies have researched yet the effect when it is applied directly on the skin. This may be due to the high amount of ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) contained in flaxseed oil, this can be associated with skin issues. Still some beauty gurus recommend it to apply directly on skin. 

How to use flax seed for skin:

  • Get all skin benefits just by adding 1 tablespoon flaxseed to your daily diet.
  • Mix the flax seed powder with water and let the mixture reach jelly type consistency. Then apply it directly to your skin and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with normal water. 

Caution: Before applying directly on your skin, take a patch test first for ensuring that you are not allergic to this mask. 


For Hair

When it comes to hair, vitamin B and E are the best nutrients which can make your hair more healthy and strong. Flax seed is a good source of vitamin B and E and omega-3 fatty acid. These nutrients can help to gain your hair length goal in their own ways. You can use flax seed in various ways to get the benefits. 

How to use flax seed for hair:

  • Add flax seed in your diet. (1 tablespoon) or can ask your dietitian.
  • Add the flax seed powder with curd and apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave the mask till it get dry, then rinse with your favorite shampoo.
  • Instead of using whole flax seed, you can use flax seed oil. Take a few drops on your hand and apply it on your scalp and massage. Leave it for two to four hours then rinse.

Benefits of FlaxSeed during Pregnancy 

During pregnancy you need to take care more about yourself and for this, flax seed can be your best friend. Flax seed is full of many essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins and minerals which can help to promote balanced hormone level and increase fertility. According to some researches, overdose of flaxseed can also harm your pregnancy by affecting your hormone level. Always consult with your doctor or dietitian before adding flaxseed in your diet. 



Flax Seed is available in various forms in the market. You can use it according to your need and convenience. 

Whole Flax Seed

Flax Seed Powder

Flax Seed Capsule

FlaxSeed Oil



  • Skin can be affected by the use of flaxseed oil.
  • Abdominal cramp, bloating, fatigue, gas and constipation.
  • Blood pressure also can decrease.
  • May harm your pregnancy.



BIRD FLU: Yes, you can eat chicken during Bird Flu, need to do these things to avoid any sickness.

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What is Bird Flu

This virus mainly infects birds, but it can also infect humans if precautions are not taken. H5N1 is influenza that is highly contagious to birds and causes a severe respiratory disease called Avian.



Remember these 6 points to not get infected by this H5N1 Virus.

  1. The H5N1 virus is rarely transmitted from human to human. That is why there is no need to panic. It is only when a human comes in direct contact with an infected bird, infected chickens, or infected surfaces.


  1. If you do such work that you come in contact with birds and chickens like poultry farms, bird shops, etc. So you should wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and wash the exposed area.


  1. According to the WHO, it is safe to eat chicken, duck, and eggs when cooked properly. Keep in mind that pink spots and flowing yolk should not be eaten. Do not use the microwave to cook poultry products as microwaving often does not kill the virus. Use gas to cook poultry products well.


  1. As per AIIMS, poultry meat should be cooked on gas at a temperature above 70ºC for 30 minutes. By doing this, the virus present in the poultry meat is destroyed and the meat is safe for consumption.


  1. If you are going to the butcher’s shop, do not forget to take your box (recommended: steel box) and avoid using plastic bags. And also avoid going to open meat markets because they are the epicenter of the virus. On reaching home, wash the chicken thoroughly and wash your hands as well.


  1. Wash the chicken with hot or boiling water and avoid washing under the tap as it may splatter while washing. Use different utensils for raw and cooked meat.



What is the “Hollow Men” from Hollywood doing on the streets of Chennai? Let’s know

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Yesterday, a medical professional in Chennai disguised ‘Invisible Man’ to thank the frontline workers involved in the battle of Covid-19 in a unique way. He made this disguise inspired by a Hollywood movie ‘Hollow Man’. Madhan Kumar Kumar became ‘Invisible Man’ with the help of his performance artist friend.

The ‘Invisible Man’ photographed in Chennai (Photo Credits: Pramod Madhav/India Today)

At first, when Madhan was on two wheels and came out on the streets, the reaction of the people was shocking. Then slowly people came to understand the intent of Madhan.


Madhan thanked the Chennai Police and frontline workers for their work in the battle against covid-19 by giving them flowers.