COVID-19 VACCINE : The world’s largest Covid- 19 vaccination drive is going to start in India from Saturday.

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The moment that has been waiting for India for months, has come now. The largest immunization program in the world has started in India on Saturday (16-01-2020). Vaccination has started in India to prevent coronavirus infection. Both vaccines (Covaxin and Covidshield) are equally safe and effective and experts have given their approval only after seeing the results.

While launching this campaign, PM Narendra Modi has requested people that everyone should have some patience during the coronavirus immunization drive, this vaccination will surely reach every person in India. Everyone has to wait patiently for their turn.



Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan visited All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi and declared war against Corona. And Harsh Vardhan has described both the corona vaccines as a “lifesaving” for India. Talking to reporters also said that this is a historic day for us. And It is urged to people not to pay attention to rumors but believe in our scientists and experts.

Harsh Vardhan said that this is the largest vaccination campaign in the world and India has already defeated such big epidemics like smallpox and polio.

Schools to reopen for class 10th and 12th students for preparation of board exams in Delhi from January 18.

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As everyone knows, due to the Corona outbreak, school colleges and institutes are closed all over the country. Schools in Delhi were closed since March 2020. The children’s class was going online. Now schools are going to open once again in the capital from January 18 2021.


For the preparation of the upcoming board examination, the Delhi government has decided to open schools for the preparation of the exams of 10 and 12 students.


After the announcement of the CBSE examination, students were requested to conduct physical classes after which the Delhi government has decided to reopen the schools.


Schools in Delhi will reopen with Covid-19 security guidelines. Everyone has to use the mask and hand sanitizer and sit within the prescribed distance. The government has given strict instructions not to take care of negligence and all the rules of Covid-19 must be followed.

Come and join the 2nd birthday party of this little Hippo…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANGAL

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Humanity is rarely seen in the world nowadays, if one person does not do anything for the other person then it is impossible to do it for the animal. But there are many people in the world who are willing to do anything for their pets and treat them like their family members.


One such incident has been seen in Sayaji Baug Zoo in the Vadodara district. The birthday of a 2-year-old hippo was celebrated very well by his staff. Hippo’s name is Mangal and his mother’s name is Dimpy. Customary cakes and lots of laddus were also ordered for the birthday. Mangal’s caretaker Moti Bhai Rawal cut ​​the cake and Mangal enjoyed the baked cakes and laddus.


Workers celebrated the zoo’s 142nd foundation day as well as the 2nd birthday of Mars. The chief guest on Mangal’s birthday was the Municipal Commissioner of Vadodara.

Remember this Paragliding Man ? From ” Mai Ma****hod Hu” to “Mai Khusnaseeb Hu”, this is how he overcomes his fear.

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In 2019, when Vipin Sahu shared a video of his first-time experience of paragliding on social media, Vipin’s video became very viral and Vipin became very famous. After the video went viral, there was a lot of meme on social media. Memes have been made so far with that video.


After the first video went viral, Vipin also got a lot of fame and he also appeared in many TV shows (Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Roadies Revolution).


Now Vipin is once again in the headlines, Vipin has shared another video on social media (PARAGLIDING 2.0), in which he is seen once again paragliding in Himachal Pradesh, Bir, and is looking very comfortable. In the 12-minute-long video, Vipin said many things and took a sip of tea while paragliding.


Seeing the video, everyone is giving their reactions. Someone is praising Vipin for her bravery, while someone is calling it another publicity stunt.

10 newborns killed in fire in Maharastra, Bhandara district hospital

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Ten newborns died in a fire at the New Born Care Ward at 2 pm at the district hospital in Bhandara, Maharashtra. The state government has ordered an inquiry into this traumatic incident. The assistance of up to 5 lakhs has been announced to the victim’s family.

So far it is not known how the fire broke out and why the children were not saved by taking appropriate action in time? After this incident, the hospital management is accused of being negligent. According to Zee News report , during the accident, there was neither a child care nor a nurse in the children’s ward.

There is also news of some relief between this tragic accident that 7 children who were in the inner ward have been saved.

Prime Minister Modi also expressed grief over the incident and said that we lost 10 precious lives.

The temple priest murdered a 50-year-old woman along with two of his disciples after gang-raping her.

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Where our country is moving forward in every region, many things still have not changed. Cases of rape are heard every day. Vandalism orgy is seen every day in the news channel.

On Sunday night in Budaun district of western Uttar Pradesh, a 50-year-old woman was raped by a priest and two of his disciples and then brutally murdered.

According to the report, the woman used to visit the temple regularly. And on Sunday, she left for the temple at 5 in the evening and at 11:30, about three men came to the house to take her dead body.

The woman’s son said during an interview that those three people had brought my mother in a vehicle at night. The priest and his companions had left the woman in the door. After that my mother died.

On Monday, a video of the accused priest appeared in which he said that the woman had fallen into the well after which I had saved her together with my two companions and then she was alive. However, it is not clear who and where the video was filmed.

Two people involved in this vandalism have been arrested and further action is on. In a tweet, Badaun police said that disciplinary action is being taken against local policemen for negligence. And has ordered the suspension of those who are guilty.

Covid 19 update: Covishield and Covaxin developed in India are now ready for use…

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On Monday, PM Modi inaugurated the National Metrology Conclave. And with him a big hush said that India is going to start the biggest vaccination program in the world soon. And we are all indebted to scientists.

PM Narendra Modi said that “The new year has brought a new achievement with us. India has made two corona vaccines. It is a matter of great pride for us. Besides, he laid the foundation stone of the National Environmental Standards Lab.”

Oxford Institute’s Covishield: This vaccine has been approved for use in an emergency situation from a drug regulator. Kavidshield is developed by Pune-based Serum Institute.


Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin: This vaccine has also been approved for use in an emergency situation this Sunday.


Along with this, the Drug Controller General of India has also given permission to Cadila Healthcare for Phase 3 clinical trials in the country.

Two motorcycle riding miscreants shot dead on the head of Trinamool Congress leader “Dharmendra Singh”

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On Tuesday, a young Trinamool Congress leader “Dharmendra Singh” was shot dead by two motorcycle riders near a railway station in Howrah, West Bengal. “Dharmendra Singh was shot in the head. He died on the spot. On hearing the news of his death, his supporters set fire to the streets, shops and motorcycles of Shibpur, causing the locals to panic.


To prevent this vandalism, full police force was also used but it seemed difficult to stop the vandalism.


The police are investigating the case and are trying to find out about the previous conspiracy behind the murder. Howrah Trinamool Congress leader Arup Roy also feared a big conspiracy behind the murder.

When asked whether the opposition had any role in the shooting, Arup Roy replied “Maybe. But I will not comment until the police investigation is completed.”


The BJP party denied any involvement with the incident and said that it could be the result of internal party fighting

In Loni, Ghaziabad, two people beat one innocent to death on Busy Street Near Delhi, No One Helps

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On Monday in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a man named Ajay was brutally beaten to death by two people. In one video, two men are beating a boy with sticks and in that video, the boy is soaked in blood and does not move at all. To prevent this atrocity on the road, no one came forward and people kept coming and just kept watching the spectacle and an innocent lost his life.


The victim’s brother says that despite writing the report at the police station, the police did not take any action on time and both the accused managed to escape from the spot.


Actually, it was just a small fight. A few days ago there was a debate between Ajay’s brother Sanjay and the main accused Govind about setting up a flower shop. Sanjay had also lodged a report against both the accused but the police released them only after making a compromise. The main accused Govind and Amit are also seen in the video.

Now both the accused have been arrested and the investigation of the case is going on.

On Tuesday,” Karnataka Legislative Council Vice President SL Dharmay Gowda” found dead on the Manekhalli railway track.

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On Tuesday, the body of Karnataka Legislative Council Vice President SL Dharmay Gowda was recovered from a railway track at Gunasagar village in Kadur taluk of Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Police say that this case looks like suicide. And an alleged note has also been recovered from the dead body of Gowda. His body has been sent for autopsy


According to police investigations and inquiries, on Monday, Gowda asked his official gunmen and escort to leave him alone. Then Gowda left Shakarayapatna in his personal car and reached at 6 pm. Then Gowda also asked his driver to leave him alone and sent him back saying that he had to meet someone.

Gowda’s phone calls revealed that he made the last call to a friend of his Kadur and asked him about Tran’s time. When Gowda did not come home till late at night, his family members had informed all the officials. After tracing the location of Gowda’s cell phone, his dead body was found on the Manekhalli railway track.