Recently, due to the news of a new wave of Corona in Britain, BMC has issued several guidelines for all travelers coming to Mumbai from Europe and Middle East countries. 5 flights are scheduled to arrive in Mumbai and after that Indian government banned all flights coming from Britain till 31 December.

Followings are the new guidelines issued by BMC for all passengers:-

All passengers coming to Mumbai from Middle East or European countries will be sent to mandatory institutional quarantine for 7 days at their own expense.


After showing signs of corona, that passenger will be sent to GT Hospital in Mumbai’s Fort area for treatment.


Passenger RT-PCR test will be done on the fifth day of arrival. The corona is detected by this test. After the report comes negative, the passenger will be discharged but will have to stay in the home quarantine for 7 days.


If a passenger is found corona positive then he will be sent to Covid 19 Hospital for 14 days.

The government has also provided hotels for travelers.

Passports of all passengers will be deposited in the hotel, which will be returned to them at the time of discharge.

Passengers will have to bear the entire cost of testing themselves from private laboratories.

All this work will be done under the strict supervision of Collector MCD and his team.