On Tuesday, a young Trinamool Congress leader “Dharmendra Singh” was shot dead by two motorcycle riders near a railway station in Howrah, West Bengal. “Dharmendra Singh was shot in the head. He died on the spot. On hearing the news of his death, his supporters set fire to the streets, shops and motorcycles of Shibpur, causing the locals to panic.


To prevent this vandalism, full police force was also used but it seemed difficult to stop the vandalism.


The police are investigating the case and are trying to find out about the previous conspiracy behind the murder. Howrah Trinamool Congress leader Arup Roy also feared a big conspiracy behind the murder.

When asked whether the opposition had any role in the shooting, Arup Roy replied “Maybe. But I will not comment until the police investigation is completed.”


The BJP party denied any involvement with the incident and said that it could be the result of internal party fighting