‘SCAM 1992’ has become IMBD’s top rated tv shows by getting ratting 9.6/10 ..MUST WATCH

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When all the viewers are lost in the stories of the other web shows, then maybe you are missing a best rated web show.


‘Scam 1992’, this series was released on October 9 and its breaking all the records. The strong story of ‘SCAM 1992’ got the 1 spot on imbd’s top rated tv shows surpassed series like ‘GOT’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ by achieving a rating of 9.6/10.

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This rating clearly shows how much people like it and if you have not yet seen this series, go and binge watch.


The 10 episodes of this series is based on stockbroker Harshad Mehta’s life. The era of 90’s is well depicted in this show and the show depicts the lows and highs of a entrepreneur’s life. Pratik Gandhi is playing the role of Harshad Mehta and Shreya Dhanwanth as Sucheta Dalal. The show ‘SCAM 1992’ is available on SONY LIV.


look what viewers are saying….(IT IS BEYOND STARS REMARK)