Where our country is moving forward in every region, many things still have not changed. Cases of rape are heard every day. Vandalism orgy is seen every day in the news channel.

On Sunday night in Budaun district of western Uttar Pradesh, a 50-year-old woman was raped by a priest and two of his disciples and then brutally murdered.

According to the report, the woman used to visit the temple regularly. And on Sunday, she left for the temple at 5 in the evening and at 11:30, about three men came to the house to take her dead body.

The woman’s son said during an interview that those three people had brought my mother in a vehicle at night. The priest and his companions had left the woman in the door. After that my mother died.

On Monday, a video of the accused priest appeared in which he said that the woman had fallen into the well after which I had saved her together with my two companions and then she was alive. However, it is not clear who and where the video was filmed.

Two people involved in this vandalism have been arrested and further action is on. In a tweet, Badaun police said that disciplinary action is being taken against local policemen for negligence. And has ordered the suspension of those who are guilty.