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It is (nearly) Valentine’s time!

So we figured it will be beneficial to this fourth post of our advertisement series that is creative take a good look at how dating apps advertise. And view what type of an app install promotions do they operate on in-app advertising systems.

If you’d like to take a look at post that is previous this show:

To get this done analysis we utilize information provided by the Cellphone Action platform. This information provides a sense of what type of advertising creatives they utilized on 7 networks that are different Twitter readers system, AdMob (therefore UAC advertisements), Unity and Vungle.

The apps that are dating

The advertising cleverness information from Mobile Action is very strong for Android os, therefore we dedicated to a number of the biggest advertisers when it comes to Android os apps (a great deal for the creatives are particularly comparable for iOS and Android os). Here are the apps we looked over and their rank within their particular category.

Interesting to observe how these apps categorized themselves based on their approach

As a component of contrast, we additionally looked over the Facebook feed adverts operate by these apps ( more info on finding you competitors’ ads right here).

Where they promote along with which advertisement creatives

General stats about their marketing

No shock there: Twitter readers system (FAN) is obviously the advertising systems in which the many creatives have already been tested. It’s the actual situation for the majority of apps, as well as for dating apps (extremely apps that are social it will make a lot more feeling.

In the event that you’ve look over a few of our past posts where we viewed advertising creatives in different groups, you realize that many the advertisement creatives utilized on FAN may also be (and sometimes mainly) utilized in other Facebook placements (especially Facebook feed). In reality looking at every one of these apps this indicates that they’ve tried FAN for many limited time period and appear not to ever be utilizing it an excessive amount of any longer. So that the analysis among these creatives is much more appropriate when contemplating the way they can be used for Facebook feed advertisements or other Facebook networks.

Well known creatives through the many utilized movie ads

Among the top 5 video clip advertisement creatives which were utilized the absolute most by each one of the apps (using the portion of impressions written by Mobile Action), we selected 3 we like and generally are representative of just just what appears to succeed.

Some are really simple and simple, plus some needed more work from a video clip manufacturing viewpoint.


Here is the typical “testimonial” advertisement for Bumble, that is utilizing many of these inside their Facebook marketing.

It really is simple that is super and designed to look user sourced (or even really utilized). This advertising creative currently has already established a lot more than 1.5 million views and contains therefore been utilized a complete great deal by Bumble.

The caption has the Bumble colors so they can have some consistency between ads of this kind.

It’s interesting to notice that Bumble relies greatly with this type or sort of creatives, and on “couple testimonials” with 2 people telling more about their tales.

Along with their current bowl that is super, they’ve also spinned down a couple of top quality advertising creatives with Serena they are testing.


Like the majority of other dating apps OKCupid also offers movie creatives which can be testimonials or visuals of partners together, often because of the angle of “substance” vs. profile picture as that is their approach.

What they’ve been utilizing the many but on Twitter readers system (and Facebook feed) are advertisement creatives in the DTF concept they established significantly more than an ago now year. They gave to the acronym (initially Down to F***) if you’re not in the US and haven’t seen any OKCupid billboards or subway ads, the DTF concept is a twist.

DTF Ads from OKCupid within the subway

The DTF concept within the subway that is NYCsupply: Reddit)

This will be a pretty approach that is smart it should been employed by fairly well since per year later these are generally nevertheless leveraging the idea and styles, at the very least in electronic.

The advertising creative utilizing the impression that is most on Twitter readers system may be the one below (despite the fact that they have since stopped promotions on FAN), and multiple other versions (a great deal in fixed) are utilized in Facebook feed adverts.

Thus giving a feeling of what sort of holistic approach can be implemented. It’s strong from the branding viewpoint and certainly will endure for a bit.

It is interesting to also see other dating apps like Tinder using a“stand that is strong due to their approach (they will have #SingleNotSorry and #AdultingCanWait ads in real time action video clip).


Although we have the execution and quality regarding the real time action shots would gain from being enhanced, it appears that Happn has discovered the sort of creatives that work for them.

Right right Here too they have a tendency to select a thing that’s based on the softwareroach that is exclusive of application: reconnecting with some body you crossed course with.

They’ve been making use of numerous creatives around that “reconnection” concept, with variations in numerous languages. Because some variations would not have actors chatting, also in a position to localize them fairly effortlessly (so long as the actors could look regional) by simply changing the sound over and subtitles/end cards.

The following is an illustration most abundant in utilized advertisement creatives on Twitter readers system based on Cellphone Action.

This is an approach they are using a lot (with some videos totaling more than 500k views already) as mentioned earlier like several other apps Happn doesn’t seem to be using FAN anymore, however by looking at the creatives they use for facebook feed ads.

In addition it appears that they’re upping the high quality a little, and their latest creatives there look less amateur.

We wish this post provided you some insights that are good exactly just how a number of the top dating apps advertise on in-app advertising companies, what sort of advertising creatives they normally use to get brilic brand new users and exactly how you may get motivation from their website.

If you’re interested in seeing more advertising cleverness data, always always check the Mobile Action platform out.

You have got remarks on these creatives adverts or you’d like us to have a look at an app category that is specific? Keep us a remark below!

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