WhatsApp has become an app without which people don’t have a morning. Due to this many big celebs have also been caught. And now WhatsApp has launched its new privacy policy. Whose notifications have started coming in WhatsApp users’ phones, and many people are also hurriedly accepting WhatsApp’s new policy. If you do not make this mistake, know the policy well before accepting the policy.

WhatsApp’s new policy notification now has the option of Agri and Not Now. But this will only be till 8 February 2021. After that, if you want to use WhatsApp, then you have to accept the new policy, or else your account will be deleted.

Under the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, your privacy will be completely lost and now users will already have more data with Facebook. The policy describes how WhatsApp works with Facebook and Instagram and offers integration into the company. Details have been provided for sharing information under WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. It states that how WhatsApp shares information with Facebook.

There is no option but to consider WhatsApp’s privacy policy to users. Users could choose not to share information with other Facebook companies. In its FAQ, the company has shared information in detail about data sharing between in-house companies. Facebook companies include companies like Facebook Payments, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Technologies, Onavo, and Crowd Tangle. You can call or visit the company’s help center for more information.


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