As everyone knows Kangana Ranaut is a very confident and fearless type of woman. Every day, we get to hear news about her on the news channels. Twitter has tried to stop her many times and they also delete her tweets but she never gave up. Moreover, Twitter had also permanently deleted Kangana’s sister’s account.

Earlier, when Rohit Sharma tweeted in the interest of farmers, Kangana also gave a very harsh reply to Rohit. However, Kangana’s that tweet was deleted by Twitter and her account was temporarily removed for few days.

And now Kangana has challenged Twitter in front of everyone and also said that Twitter’s time is over and soon she will be shifting to another app (KOO APP). She said she will inform everyone about her account details of “Koo App”.


Here are the tweets by Kangana Ranaut #kooapp…


In a follow-up tweet, Kangana Ranaut then threatened Twitter by saying that it’s ‘time was up.’ In the same tweet, she announced that she will be shifting to the Koo app, and would give everyone the details of her account there.